Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Govinda - Amethyst Noise

This album by Govinda. the moniker for Texas born Steve O Madden, is entitled Amethyst Noise. The album blends electronic beats with Middle-Eastern, Indian, Celtic and Spanish musical styles. A plethora of different sounds from contrasting genre's make up this 11 track album. For instance, a prominent violin glissando's opens up the first track Dervish. Later on in the album you can hear a sitar melody embossed upon the electronic beats. There is a bit of singing on this album, the majority of which is not in English, so I still use it to study. It's a cool creative style, mixing genre's that do not often come together and certainly is worth checking out.

The album can be found here: Govinda-Amethyst Noise

Keep Rocking.


  1. It's next to the "the album can be found here"

    but here you go in case you missed it