Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nit Grit - Nit Grit

Nit Grit by Nit Grit is an album coming to us today from San Jose, CA. Nit Grit is the moniker for 24 year old Dubstep/Grimestep producer Danny Beall. I'll be the first to admit, when I went looking for this artists page I had no idea what grimestep was after some thorough research (read wikipedia). I learned absolutely nothing. There is no Wikipedia page for grimestep, so I am left to guess what defines this genre. Here's my guess:

Grimestep: A hodge podge of electronic musical styles combing dubstep, house, breakbeats, glitch, electro throw in some grime (there was a wiki for this which I am sure is the root of grimestep) and Voila! Grimestep.

Have a better definition? Comment box.

The best way to understand this album is to just give it a listen. If you like electronic music definitely make sure you listen to this album, it will blow your mind. You can hear it here: Nit Grit - Nit Grit

Keep Rocking.

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