Sunday, December 19, 2010

Indian Princess - Indian Princess

Artist: Indian Princess
Album: Indian Princess
Genre: Americana
Link to the music: Indian Princess - Indian Princess

Readers, I am stuck in the states. I am disappointed and embarrassed, especially with all that hubbub I made yesterday. I am in Miami now, which isn't the worst place to be, I stepped out of the airport and didn't need a jacket which was fantastic. However, I can't stay here so today I am off to the airport to see if some other bum misses his flight and I can swipe it up.

Swiping seats at the airport.

To make matters worse, I somehow managed to forget both my ipods at home. So I whipped out my phone and started listening to the sparse collection of music that I have on there. I started listening to Indian Princess an album I was prepping for this blog, but never actually got around to listening to. I cranked it up to 11 and listened, hard. I really, really enjoyed this album. It fit my mood yesterday in a very bluesy, yet not too downtempo kind of way. Its an Americana sound with grungy guitars and piano medley's pushing it forward and vocal harmonies choral harmonies rounding out the sound. Americana, is sort of a catchall word for a fusion  of genres and I hate using those kinds of terms. However, there is really no better way to describe what Indian Princess did here. The album is an amalgamation of blues, folk, rock and roll (not so much country even though that is what people normally think of when using Americana). Bar Songs is easily my favorite song here, it skyrocketed to the upper echelons of my play count over the course of my trip yesterday. It really fit my mood and the lyrics are catchy as hell:

"I've got one, more drink.
 Cause it help's me fall asleep. 
If you ever need anything,
 don't come to me"

Angel is a slow-hand style of guitar playing that builds into a couple organ crescendo's. It's a sweet almost delicate song this isn't a bad thing, it really conveys the emotions behind the song and works. Hot Knight is another slower song, but doesn't have the same frailty that Angel does but it does have some of the best harmonies on the album. The penultimate song Black Hole is a rock and rollish sound, with a crunchy little guitar solo in there. The genres on the album are really all over the place, which is why it really fits best in that lump Americana category. 

Overall this is a really good album to listen to. For those of you leaving the 'Lou today you can pick up this album for free on bandcamp (link at the top of the page), they just ask that you share the tunes with others. However, if you do pay for it, go over ten dollars and you get a poster. It's good driving/flying/listening music. Take the time to check it out. 

From the Indian Princess Facebook Page. Check out the spectral guitarist. 
Also, what's up with two Dora the Explorer pictures in one week? My mind has gone to mush. 

If you want to cross your fingers that I actually get on a plane today, I'd appreciate it. And as always:

Keep Rocking. 

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