Thursday, December 23, 2010

Iration - Time Bomb

Artist: Iration
Album: Time Bomb
Genre: Indie Hawaiian Reggae Rock
Link to the music: Iration - Time Bomb

Today's album is a bit of Indie Hawaiian Reggae. Before I go any further I should clarify the genre lest I cast Iration's album into a genre in which it doesn't belong. When researching this album. the artist and the sound that they produced, my first thought was "this is hawaiian reggae". It wasn't reggae like that you hear from Jamaica, most often categorized by the style of singers voice, a mellow guitar, and steady percussion. Reggae most notably emphasizes the second and fourth beat of a bar so you get that iconic upstroke sound that most people would associate with a Reggae melody. Time Bomb isn't that. Iration does have heavy Reggae influences, and it would be a disservice to say that they're not Reggae. However, the music can't be described as reggae in the common use of the word. There is a type of music known as Jawaiian music, which is music that retains native Hawaiian influences, but is mostly centered around encompassing the Reggae style and culture. However, this is still not an appropriate classification for Time Bomb. So after all this, you might be asking yourself "then why the hell did you bother to classify this as Hawaiian Reggae?!". Well dear readers, it just is. The modern music that I have heard from the 50th state has a pretty distinct sound, it combines light guitar strumming, lighter guitar sounds, a clear vocal lead and prominent crash cymbals. Combine this style some keyboard/synth and Reggae and then finally we have what I characterize as an Indie Hawaiian Reggae sound. 

Whew. That was a lot of background, if you just skimmed down here, well I don't blame you. At the start of this blog I mentioned I am not a music expert, I am just a guy who likes music. So if you disagree with my assessment well, comment box.

This is a chill, easy listening album. The lead singer has a clear, strong voice that is the real force behind this production.The title track Time Bomb is a great song, describing that girl who we all known or have seen who at some point in a night out is going to become the center of attention. This album features some quick guitar solos like in Love/Hate, a song describing two opposite people in love trying to make it work, and Get Back to Me, which you may have guessed is about a guy waiting for someone to get back to them. The lyrics aren't deep or thought provoking, they are sweet and simple. 

Check it out, it's a solid production. Let me know if you think it is Hawaiian Reggae, but not Jawaiian. 

Happy Festivus Everyone!

Keep Rocking. 

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