Thursday, December 16, 2010

Break of Reality - Spectrum of The Sky

Artist: Break of Reality
Album: Spectrum of the Sky
Genre: Cello Rock
Link to the Music: Break of Reality - Spectrum of the Sky

I came across today's album while nonchalantly listening to Pandora. The song Farewell came on while I was on my (almost regular) Emancipator radio station and when I heard it, I stopped working and began to search. This was my first time ever hearing Break of Reality so I was unaware of what defined their musical style; the Emancipator radio station usually plays electronic music so, I assumed that this was a very talented DJ who had mastered sampling stringed instruments. Well, I was wrong. I looked up the band and to my surprise it was a quartet comprised of three cellists and a percussionist.

The group originated in Rochester, New York and has been composing and recording music since 2003 (of the original quartet, only two members remain). at the conclusion of Farewell I immediately visited bandcamp to see if I could listen to the whole album. Unfortunately Break of Reality does not have a bandcamp page.  However, Farewell was that impressive that I had to hear more from this band, so I went YouTube and listened to more of their music:

Spectrum of the Sky

The "link to the music" today is to Amazon where you can either buy the physical album for $13.55 or the MP3 download for $8.99.  This album is certainly worth the nine dollars you can get it for on Amazon. The three cellists are regular virtuoso's.

Moving on. I have never played an instrument from the violin family (my sister did briefly...and poorly) but I was in different band's and orchestras tooting away on my euphonium:

A Euphonium. I was a bad ass.
During my time as a masterful euphonist I heard my fair of orchestral concerts and stringed quartets. However I never heard anyone do with a cello what Break of Reality does on Spectrum of Sky. Whether they are plucking or strumming the strings their sound is flawless. At times, you would swear this was straight up neoclassical music, for instance Comfortable Silence contains classically influenced phrases that are nothing shy of beautiful. Then you hear the drums and rock cello in Che and any thoughts of the 18th century you had disappear. This transition from neoclassical to rock happens frequently for instance Adoniya: 3 Grave is a stunning neoclassical number that leads into Adoniya: 4 Finale, a song where you would swear there was a choppy guitar playing the intro. This album stands as a testament as to why you should make your kid practice their classical instruments, once you get past playing "lightly row" you can make some really cool sounds. With that said, anybody interested in a rocking tuba-euphonium quartet, let me know.
These guys said no when I asked to join. 
I implore you to purchase this album, you won't regret it, but if you hate music and thus decide you don't like it, give it as a gift for the holidays! The "heavy cello thunder" sound is sure to be enjoyed by at least seven of the people on your gift giving list.

Break Of Reality
Thats it for today. To the 1L's, congrats on finishing your first semester, you survived! To the 2L's and 3L's who hate that they put off taking all their exams between Thursday and Friday, it's almost over! and to the rest of you readers:

Keep Rocking.

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