Friday, December 3, 2010

The Like Button

Hi all,

Many of you may have noticed the recent addition of the "like" button to my blog:

I wanted you all to be able to share any music or posts that you like with your Facebook friends. Unfortunately, because I am not good at editing html I did it wrong. Every time you clicked the like button, it would like the entire blog, instead of the individual entry. Well I changed that (hopefully). So now you can like the individual posts as you want. You can also like the entire blog by clicking the like button on the right hand side.

The main goal of this blog is to share music, so "like" away. Not so much this post though, cause this one kind of sucks. But all of you scrolling down to get to Plants v. Zombies feel free to press the new better like button.

Also, please check out this song sent to me from an esteemed music lover, Ben:

Keep Rocking.

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