Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Sun Empire - Lights and Wires

Today's band is a D&B/dubstep/breakbeat band from the Netherlands (Utrecht specifically). The band Black Sun Empire is a trio of DJ/producers that have been together for 15 years (they must have found a band Kissinger somewhere along the way). Despite rough beginnings in the industry, the band worked its way through the UK rave and electronic scene to be a leading producer of electronic music. They have spearheaded two separate record labels Black Sun Empire Recordings and Obsessions; between the two labels the Utrecht based trio has signed approximately fifty-five eclectic artists. All their work as producers has not stopped them from creating their own music, and in November of 2010 they put out their latest album Lights and Wires.

Lights and Wires is dark techno-ey goodness. The album is bass heavy, and features familiar electronic elements fused together in new and innovative ways. For instance, the minimalist beginnings of Black Sun Bay crescendo into an ambient/meets high frequency dubstep. The tempo really picks up in the next song Extraction which is driven along by a bumping bass line, and as you get towards the end of the album a "ghostly marimba" sounds kicks in to compliment it. Some pretty cool and innovative shit goes on here, signaling that BSE isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The bandcamp link also features a 55 minute "DJ mix" of the entire album, so if you get to the end and think it's started again. Wait a couple seconds, you're in for a treat.

You can listen to the album here: Black Sun Empire - Lights and Wires

Keep Rocking.

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