Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beats Antique - Blind Threshold

Todays album comes from Beats Antique, a California band that has been working together since 2007 creating music that combines a variety of styles from the electronic genre with middle eastern and orchestral instruments. The style is often placed in the "electronic/world" music category, but I hate the lump term "world music" being used to define any style coming from outside the states. So lets stick with "electronic/glitch/hip-hop/dubstep/afrobeat/orchestral/middle-eastern" for now.

There are a ton of guest musicians that join the Beats Antique trio for Blind Threshold playing instruments ranging from the Darbuka and Kalimba to Banjo's and Accordions. There are a lot of new sounds that mold together on this album to produce a unique and interesting sound. While there are a lot of different sounds coming together on this album, it maintains a familiar foundation of hip-hop beats and electronic sounds.

The album can be found here: Blind Threshold - Beats Antique

Keep Rocking.

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