Monday, December 6, 2010

Mail the Horse - Guilt and Luck

First day of finals! AHHH!

Today's album comes from the Brooklyn based band Mail the Horse (formally AMPM). Guilt and Luck is the first album from Mail the Horse and also the first blues rock album featured here on Ipod and Headphones. The vocal's are a major part of this album, so not everyone will be able to study while listening. (I normally don't study to music with words, but last night as I forced my way through admin all I wanted to hear was some blues rock). The band doesn't reinvent the genre they stick to pretty standard blues styles (12 bar blues, crunchy distorted guitar and mellow vocals). While it won't win any awards for the most creative album of the year, Mail the Horse uses tried and true blues formula's to put out a solid album that is an easy listen. The vocals are a major part of blues rock, and what is being said is really important. So I didn't get the chance to fully explore the complexity of the songwriting since I listened while doing work. I look forward to giving this album a proper listen after finals, but for now I am mostly just listening to the music, and not the words.

The album can be found here: Mail the Horse - Guilt & Luck

Keep Rocking.

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