Friday, December 3, 2010

Homestuck - The Felt

Today's album The Felt by the guys over at MS Paint Adventures is an electronic/orchestral score. The album comes from the newest MSPA, Homestuck. After a quick perusal of the website MSPA adventures seems to be like a giant game of mad libs! Where readers can submit their additions to the overarching story and this will either continue the story, or tangentially affect the main character. The creator of the website describes it as a story told through the vehicle of a "mock-game" where readers submit new content to aid in pushing the story along (This may be wrong but if you have a better description, I have a comment box). The addition of music to the "mock-game" is a new feature that the MSPA creator has been working on with readers. While the site may be silly at times (sometimes taking a spin for the puerile) the music here is really well put together. I listened to the album before visiting the site, and I have yet to reach a point in the adventure where I can mash up the two. The site is funny and is a great time kill, but I have yet to make it to the end of Homestuck (exams and all).

The album was created in conjunction with the readers of MPSA, and is a pleasure to listen to. At Chartreuse Rewind it takes a turn for the epic, and (fair warning) Omelette Sandwich has parts that get downright distracting. But still it's a good listen.

The soundtrack to Homestuck, The Felt can be found streaming here: Homestuck - The Felt

If you want to "play" the game, I encourage you to visit MS Paint Adventures.

>Readers: Keep Rocking

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