Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Formantine - Emmalee Crane

I am taking my first exam tomorrow so I need things to slow down a bit. So no electro today, we're going indie-classical/drone/ambient!

The album is called Formantine and is by San Fransisco artist Emmalee Crane. Crane mixes classic orchestral brass and woodwinds with synthesizers to produce the music of this album. Background vocal clips (think the radio calls on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot though this album is completely different) are heard in a few of the songs but aren't a focal point of this record. In We Came From Monsters these vocal clips are highlighted, but they do not detract from the music. Summit features some glitch meets french horn which like many of the fusions on this album is odd, but it just works. My favorite part of Formantine is the Oboe.

Yeah, the Oboe. You hear it right at the beginning of Crasher and the instrument makes its presence known all throughout the album. It's a peculiar, but penetrating instrument that really has a great sound to it. For those unfamiliar with the Oboe, Tony Kushner described its sound as:

"sounding like that of a duck, if the duck were a songbird" - Angels in America, Kushner

You can enjoy the oboe-y goodness of this album here: Formantine - Emmalee Crane

Keep Rocking.

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