Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smiths Western - Dye it Blonde

Aritst: Smith Westerns
Album: Dye it Blonde
Genre: Indie Rock
Link to the Music: Smith Westerns - Dye it Blonde

The Smith Westerns, an Indie Rock band based out of Chicago, released their second album, Dye it Blonde, January 18 of 2011. The bands first self titled album was recorded almost entirely in the basement of guitarist Max Kakeck's Chicago home it was characterized by it's lo-fi garage rock sound. For their latest release the band signed with Fat Possum records and had access to a proper studio. The lo-fi sound that characterized their first album is gone, replaced with a polished sound and tons of reverb. Reverb was the first thing I noticed on the album, when you hear Weekend a wavy keys melody kicks into a guitar riff that adds even more reverb. Lead singer Cullen Omari has a light, effervescent voice that melds into the light indie rock sounds of Dye it Blonde and floats gently on top of all the reverb they managed to shove in there

Cullen Omarie mentioned in an interview with metromix that "I think 23 is really old...When I'm 23, I want to be, like, much more successful with music than I am now". Here we are a year later and the Smith Western's sophmore release is head and shoulders above their last album. Their newest album shows a lot of promise, and I look forward to seeing what else this young Chicago band puts out in the next 3 years, before they're "really old".

Keep Rocking.

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