Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Janice Whaley - The Smiths Project

Artist: Janice Whaley
Album: The Complete Smith's Project
Genre: Acapella, Indie, Cover
Link to the Music: The Complete Smiths Project

Twenty three years ago The Smiths an alternative/indie band from the UK broke up, to date there has been no reunion tour. Some of you may remember the hilariously vulgar comment made by Smiths frontman Steven Patrick Morrissey that he would "rather eat [his] own testicles then reform the Smiths". You may be wondering then what a band that broke up when Ronald Reagan was in office (and also the same year yours truly was born) doing here on I&H? Well today's album comes to us from San Francisco singer Janice Whaley and is a cover of every original Smiths song that has been released. This 71 track juggernaut doesn't stop at just covering the songs though, instead of the generic Smiths cover bands this album is 100% acapella. For those of you unfamiliar with acapella singing, it just means it's all vocal and there is no instrument accompaniment. Whaley layered hundreds of tracks of her own singing to produce the album and it is truly mesmerizing the work that she put into this while still maintaining her job and caring for her 4 year old son as a single mother.

It takes a while to listen to the entire thing, but is truly a testament to Whaely's dedication and devotion to The Smiths and her craft. The purchase price may seem daunting coming in at $60, but she had to cover costs to buy the rights to reproduce the 71 songs.

If you only want a certain album (e.g. The Queen is Dead) these can be found either on Whaleys website: www.thesmithsproject.blogspot.com

Or by perusing her bandcamp page.

Keep Rocking.

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