Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kevin Valdez - Big Love

Hello readers! January was a big month for I & H  we fell just shy of 5,000 visitors. exciting! It may have something to do with this blog being the 4th most popular oboe image site on google, but I'd like to think its just the sick tunes we share here. 

I am going to kick off February with an original song I have been working on called Big Love. It's another Harry Potter song requested by reader Andrea about Hagrid and Grawp. The books don't have a ton of information on Grawp, so the song is about Hagrid's longing for a family. Lyrics below:

Big Love

Mama left home, when I was just a boy
Guess she wasn’t the mothering kind
And daddy tried, lord I know he tried
But in my second year of school, he died
I stumbled blindly looking for something to fit the hole
That had formed, in my heart
It wasn’t till Dumbledore sent me to the hills
That I found a cork, to make the pain stop

Cause I found you, and Big Love started
Cause I found you, to help me make this hut a home
Neither of us quite fit into the world where we live,
but together we can make it our own

I’ve been looking for love, ever since the day
That they snapped, my wand in half
Even though Dippett gave me a job and a home,
That happiness it could not last
Aragog, Fluffy, Fang, Norbet and Witherwings
All great in their own
None of them ever could replace, the family
I was dying to know

But then I found you, and Big Love started
I found you to help me make this hut a home
Neither of us quite fit into the world where we live,
But together we can make it on our own

Now we got Big Love (repeat 4x)

A brother that I never knew,
 a bit rough around the edges
likes to punch, grab scream and roar
uproot trees around the forest
You can call me hagger,
I don’t care if cant pronounce it
I got the love I was searching for,
You-know who can’t destroy it

I've got a lot of new music to share in the upcoming days so keep checking back. As always, if you have a Harry Potter relationship you think deserves a song leave it in the comments.

Keep Rocking.