Friday, February 18, 2011

RJD2 - We are the Doorways

Artist: RJD2
Album: We are the Doorways
Genre: Synth Rock
Link to the Music: RJD2-We are the Doorways

Hi folks! Two big things today

1) We've breached the 10,000 visitor mark! Thanks to all of you who keep coming back for tunes despite my obscene love of harry potter.

2) New RJD2...yay?

Today's album is the new venture from Rjd2 We are the Doorways. Some of you older readers may remember the last time I reviewed RJD2's last full length album The Colossus (for those of you who never saw that one here's a link: The Colossus). I am going to save you all any comparison to RJD2's previous work because this album really is just a different beast altogether. The album sounds like it was primarily done on synthesizers, and while its cool, it's not what I was expecting/hoping for when I found out about the new album. The new sounds are a welcome change from songs like The Glow but none stand out enough to really discuss. The album is touted as a "soundtrack to a movie that doesnt exist" and after hearing the whole thing through multiple times, I wholeheartedly agree. Unfortunately, it's just as forgettable as the average soundtrack, but still worth a listen once or twice. I am holding out hope for the next Deadringer but with each new album RJ puts out, it looks like it's just not gonna happen.

For those of you who, unlike me, loved The Glow. RJD2 has released a three track remix of the Glow. Available here: The Glow Remixes

The remixes are worth a listen, Flosstradamus, Paolo and Candy Panther all take a different approach to the glitz and glamor of The Glow, but don't worry the inspired lyrics remain. "got the glow? we got the glow the clothes are neat, the women are beautiful". Truly this is a song that deserved multiple remixes. Check it out   for yourself and see what you think. 

Keep Glowing, no, rocking. Keep Rocking. 

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