Monday, November 22, 2010


Hey all!

I doubt many (any) people come back and check this bad boy out, The Hiatus went on a little longer then I planned. My B.

But anyway, I am going to do a bit of "reorganization" of this blog. As much as I loved spending hours on end listening to new tunes and giving full reviews, I don't have the free time I wish I did to continue that format. So I am just gonna start sharing music that I am currently enjoying. From time to time I might slip back into my old ways and give a score to an album; but I can't do it all the time cause of the "studying" (remember I am a reluctant law student).

I'll try to throw together some grooveshark playlists every once in a while to share with you loyal fans so you can keep on grooving.

I hope you enjoy the new open ended format and again, sorry for the extended hiatus!

Keep Rocking.

1 comment:

  1. hah. saw that you buzzed this in admin, and wondered.

    kind of love it that you're starting up again just as finals is beginning.