Monday, March 22, 2010

New Gear...and an apology.

Readers, I am sorry. I have been away from this blog far to long. I am a law student and that occupies the majority of my time. In the last couple weeks I have been bunkered down with work, and all sorts of stuff you all don't care about. But during that time I've managed to get some new gear. First and foremost my of V-Moda headphones busted. The right earbud gave out and the constant buzzing was driving me insane. Thus I bought a new pair of headphones the Klipsch Image S2 Headphones. Which you can view (yeah i found a video) right here:

They have an amazing sound. Resounding bass, great mids and highs. Also for those who don't like earbuds because they're uncomfortable, these are a good buy for you these feel fantastic. I have pretty average ear canals, so i use the stock plastic piece but I really do forget these headphones are in sometimes. If you are looking for a solid pair of earbud headphones for under $100 these are a steal at around $50.

Also I traded out the Motorola Blur. It wasn't great for me and I got the T-Mobile Mytouch, pictured here:

It's a similar phone, 3.5mm headphone jack so I always have music at my fingertips. However it has no keyboard. Its frustrating, but it could be worse. It's worth it for the headphone jack.

New Headphones, New Phone and New Music.

Keep Rocking.

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