Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Something New

Hello Readers, I have some additions I want to make to the site, so that I post a bit more and so that you all can get even more music. Let me preface this by saying, I got a new toy. This weekend I lost my phone (it sucked I loved that phone) but it gave me the opportunity to buy something new, which was pretty exciting. I had the t-mobile g1 and when I was buying a new phone I wanted something that could do all the things my old phone did but was also new and shiny. So I bought the Motorola Cliq, pictured here:

The phone is alright, it does pretty much everything my g1 did and its made me even more "connected" to social media sites than I ever thought possible (I don't know if that is really a good thing). But the one big improvement it has on my old phone is that the Motorola Cliq sports a 3.5mm headphone input (that is the regular headphone input so I don't have to buy any adapters). This has opened up even more possibilities for me to listen to music on the go which has been fantastic. The phone only sports a 2gb memory card so I am not going to be putting much music on it to review but I have been using the Pandora application to find even more music based on the music I like. Which got me to thinking about this blog, and my handful of readers.

Because of how awesome the internet is finding music has become infinitely easier as long as you're looking for it, so what I am going to do is every week most likely on Tuesday or Wednesday I am going to make a new post. A "weekly tunes" list. The website Grooveshark hosts a ton of music legally and allows me to make and share playlists so each week I will try to put out a playlist that highlights some of the music I have been listening to that week. I am not going to give rankings to these posts, but it is just another way to share what I am listening to with you all more frequently. I am going to post one of these lists shortly so you all can see the format I intend to use. That list will be comprised of all my favorite tracks from the past reviews (with a bonus from the upcoming RJD2 review) and just a couple of songs I found recently on Pandora.

PS: I am seriously considering new headphones. They are the last thing I need but the Koss Porta Pro's, despite how dorky they look, are supposed to have an amazing sound. If you're looking for a new set of headphones I ca'nt personally endorse them yet, but they are only 30 dollars on Amazon and make the lists of best headphones frequently. They are pictured here:

You can see them here on CNET's best 5 headphones:
CNET Best 5 Headphones

If the review really made you want to get a set of these, here is a link to the Amazon site:
Koss Porta Pro Headphones

If you feel the urge to buy me a set, just go with it.

I've listened to RJD2's new album The Colossus a number of times now, done some analysis and the review is just waiting to be written so keep on checking back it should be up by the end of the week.

Keep Rocking.


  1. "I loved that phone" is an understatement. an immense one. Sorry I missed the funeral... it feels odd, since I was there when you received it. RIP coloroid.